Children’s Riddles Multiple themed riddles hidden in one big double spread.

The 7 lazy Brothers

The 7 lazy Brothers Children’s books illustrating an old folktale from Bremen, about 7 lazy brothers who may not be so lazy after all, but rather turn out to be more clever than all the gossiping neighbors. Note: Not published, pictures are WIP.


Christmas Cards I love sending out Christmas cards! If you want some, contact me at info@lauravonhusen.de.

Reisende Radieschen

The traveling Radishes Three radishes jump out of the bag on the way home from the market and are starting their own adventure, searching for their „home“. Note: Not yet published.


Autumn Personal works featured in the Illustrated Pocket Calendar.

Der verirrte Pinguin

The lost Penguin PIXI-Book, 2015.A penguin gets lost and finds himself on the hot beach of Spain. Can he find his way back with the other animals’ help?

Im Wasser ist es nasser

Im Wasser ist es nasser This children’s book, filled with nonsense rhymes by Sven Lenz, an author from Hamburg, each page telling it’s own, colourful story. Note: Not yet published.


¡Vuela! How can a bird learn how to fly if it’s trapped inside a cage?This is a poetic children’s book, written by Paula Carballeira about friendship and freedom. Languages:Spanish, Turkish


Micklemas Various printed goods for an exclusive children’s boutique in Hamburg, 2013-2014.